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The Smart Air Connect Purifier
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The Smart Air Connect Purifier


Enjoy clearer air with the Smart Air Connect Purifier LAP308WHT by Breville. Ideal for medium rooms between 30 and 40 square meters, this Breville purifier keeps the air feeling clear and free of allergens thanks to a 4-stage air purification system that reduces up to 99.97% of particles. A true HEPA filter diminishes allergens and fine particles, a carbon filter minimises odours and smoke, a pre-filter that reduces dust and pet dander and a Microbe Shield light that targets germs, bacteria and even viruses to allow for greater air purification. Check or monitor the purity levels via the SensAir live purity control and light indicator in the top of your purifier. With its immersive airflow design, it purifies the air around you with a 360-degree design of the air inlet and outlet for a broader filtration. Now with Wi-Fi control via the Breville Home Connect App, you can use your phone to remotely control your purifier. Plus, you can enjoy cleaner air even while you sleep thanks to this air purifier's timer mode and night mode, where it can be set to switch off after you're asleep.