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2000W White Ceramic Tower Heater
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2000W White Ceramic Tower Heater


The Kambrook 2000W White Ceramic Tower Heater KCE460WHT has a ceramic heating element, allowing you to concentrate heat just where it's needed. It has 2000 watts of heating power. Plus, this ceramic heater's portable design lets you make your bedroom toasty on cold mornings without heating the entire house. It's electric powered. Choose your own optimal setting with the ceramic heater's 2 heat settings. Also, it has a thermostat, so you can maintain your desired temperature. The ceramic heater has a 178mm width, a 380mm height, and a 178mm depth. It has a white finish. Also, this ceramic heater's timer helps you decide when to produce heat according to your schedule. Easily transport from room to room with this Kambrook ceramic heater.