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2200W Panel Heater with Timer
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2200W Panel Heater with Timer


This DeLonghi 2200W Panel Heater with Timer HX65L22 in dove grey is an electric heater with ceramic technology that operates on 2200 watts of power. This DeLonghi heater is wall-mountable so you can keep smaller homes warm from one location, while the slim, portable design also allows you to move this panel heater throughout the house with you to keep any room toasty. Digital controls on the side of this panel heater are simple to use and allow you to cycle through the three different heat levels, set the 24-hour timer, and check the current temperature of the room. The electronic thermostat can be set to the Eco Plus function to automatically control the power setting according to a target temperature to optimise energy consumption. Safety features such as the Sicura system has a buzzer alarm that will automatically switch off the unit if it accidentally tips over and a thermal cut-off provide peace of mind and keep you and your family safe.