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29cm Warming Drawer - CleanSteel
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29cm Warming Drawer - CleanSteel


Explore possibilities with this Miele 29cm high PureLine Warming Drawer in CleanSteel ESW 7020. This Generation 7000 creation features a wide range of functions to offer versatility in a simplistic design for the new age kitchen. With potential for more than just plates, this warming drawer offers multifunctional use due to variable temperature control and timer functionality that expands the horizon to include applications such as low temperature cooking, slow cooking, defrosting food, melting chocolate and even dehydrating. A Push2open door ensures the drawer fits seamlessly against the wall and can be opened easily by gently pressing on the door to reveal the tray and SensorTouch control panel that enables intuitive operation. Fully telescopic runners allow the drawer to be safely opened all the way, while remaining sturdy, to allow for easy loading and unloading. This Miele warming drawer is a network-enabled WiFi appliance that connects to other Miele connected appliances as well as the Miele app, allowing you to monitor the status of this appliance from anywhere.