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10kg Heat Pump Dryer
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10kg Heat Pump Dryer


This black Samsung heat pump dryer has the capacity to dry 10 kg (1kg the weight of one dry towel) or one king doona, which is perfect for households of five or more. The large drum means you do more in each load and fewer loads, and it gives clothes more room to move around so they dry thorougly, creases are reduced and you spend less time ironing. A heat pump dryer dries fabrics more carefully and efficiently than other types of dryers, which protects your clothes and helps with power bill savings. Heat pump dryers don't need to be vented outside so they're perfect if you're renting. It has a very high 8 star energy rating, allowing you to save energy. Select the best setting for each load with the black Samsung DV10R8540GV's 14 types of drying programs. It has bedding, rack dry, towels, delicates, refresh, and quick-dry programs. This black heat pump dryer is 866mm high, 686mm wide, and 984mm deep, so carefully measure the space where you want your dryer to go and make sure there's enough room for the door to open.