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4kg Sensor Dryer
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4kg Sensor Dryer


This white Haier vented dryer has the capacity to dry 4 kg (1kg the weight of one dry towel), which is perfect for households of one or two. A vented dryer is the most affordable type of dryer to buy for those who are on a budget (however running costs are higher), and outside ducting is needed to send the moist air outside via a hose, or the dryer needs to be placed in a really well-ventilated room. You can select the best setting for each load with its 7 types of drying programs. The white Haier HDV40A1 has an air dry program and a 2 star energy rating. It's 830mm high, 600mm wide, and 495mm deep, so measure your laundry carefully to ensure it will fit, remembering to leave the space needed for the vent.