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8kg Classic Heat Pump Dryer
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8kg Classic Heat Pump Dryer

Now $1999.00

This energy-efficient ASKO Heat Pump dryer will appeal to your environmentally conscious self with its impressive 7 Star Energy Rating, while its high-quality construction provides optimal care for your garments at the same time. Thanks to the heat pump design, the ASKO T208H dryer won't draw on electricity unnecessarily as it recycles and re-uses the same hot air throughout the cycle. The heat pump also vents air directly outside, so it won't fill your laundry with hot air and moisture, making the T208H a great choice for apartments. ASKO tumble dryers are inspired by professional, industrial dryers and the 8kg Classic Heat Pump Dryer T208H is no exception. It uses a one-way tumbling process called Butterfly Drying, where two paddles create a figure 8 movement to circulate air throughout your garments, so this way they are dried gently without being bundled. This ASKO heat pump dryer has an 8kg capacity so there's enough space to dry clothes or bedding for three to four people, and with 10 programs to choose from, including dedicated programs for delicate material like silk and wool, the T208H takes the guesswork out of drying your clothes. Plus, choose from options including dryness level and delayed start to make life easier with a tumble dryer that works around your life and not the other way around. Reduce your energy consumption and look after your favourite comfy jumper at the same time with this high-quality Heat Pump Dryer from ASKO.