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60cm Steam Microwave Oven White
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60cm Steam Microwave Oven White


Discover combination cooking with this Miele DGM7440 VitroLine Steam Microwave Oven in Brilliant White. This Generation 7000 creation features a wide range of functions to offer versatility in a simplistic design for the new age kitchen. A Steam Combination Microwave Oven has the ability to offer the best of both worlds with microwave mode that utilises the 1000W microwave capability, steam cooking and combination cooking which utilises steam functionality while also featuring microwave functions to enable quick steam-cooked meals with little time and effort. Fast steam heat-up helps make midweek steamed meals a quick and simple option, and if the cooking temperature is over 80 degrees, the Steam Reduction function will automatically open and shut the oven door shortly before the end of the cooking duration to release excess steam which reduces the amount of heat released when the oven door is opened. Built-in Automatic Programmes give you intuitive cooking for optimal convenience by automatically setting temperature, cooking time and function to give you the perfect results based on your selection to make perfectly cooked rice and pasta as simple as selecting a programme. This Miele Steam Combination Oven is a network-enabled WiFi appliance that connects to other Miele connected appliances as well as the Miele app allowing you to monitor the status of your oven from anywhere. With a wide variety of applications for this versatile appliance including sous-vide cooking, making yoghurt, reheating, extracting juice, popcorn making, defrosting, boiling eggs, blanching and keeping your food warm you can explore the world of intelligently simplistic design.