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45cm Combination Steam Oven - Anthracite
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45cm Combination Steam Oven - Anthracite

Now $3599.00

Cooking with steam with this ASKO Combination Steam Oven OCS8487A gives you a healthier and more delicious alternative to traditional oven cooking alone. Its incredibly versatile functions will revolutionise your idea of what an oven can do. Elegantly simple on the outside to suit any contemporary kitchen, this ASKO Oven OCS8487A allows you to combine traditional convection oven with steam, hot air plus steam or to use just steam or convection alone. The Steam settings bring out more flavour from foods and preserves vitamins and minerals for greater nutritional benefits. The sous vide steam setting will slowly cook your vacuum sealed meats and vegetables for greater flavour, and the Add Steam cycle to convection cooking will give you crispier pastries and juicier roasts. Plus, the OCS8487A user-friendly interface makes stewing, cooking and roasting easy with 160 programs to choose from for meals with plenty of variety. Achieve so much more in the kitchen with this intuitive Combination Steam Oven from ASKO.