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60cm Pyrolytic Oven - Stainless Steel
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60cm Pyrolytic Oven - Stainless Steel


Achieving sleek Scandinavian design in your kitchen whilst cooking with cutting-edge technology is made easy with ASKO's 60cm Pyrolytic Oven OP8687S. Included in ASKO's Craft line for its elegant appeal and high-quality construction, this timeless stainless steel Pyrolytic Oven has practical functions designed to make your life easier. You'll put oven cleaning products away for good thanks to its self-cleaning pyrolytic feature, designed to melt food residue into ash at high temperatures which you simply wipe away when it's safe to do so. Beyond that, the large cavity has been designed with classic wood-fired ovens in mind. This unique shape creates even circulation of hot air so food cooks evenly. You'll be cooking up a storm with the included large baking trays, allowing you to cook more at the one time - especially handy for large family dinners and hosting parties. What's more, the simplistic interface is user-friendly so it's easy to select from one of the many programs to suit your needs. And, the oven door features four-layer heat reflecting glazing so it's cool to the touch. For that distinct Scandinavian minimalist style and innovative functionality which is easy to use, turn to this 60cm Pyrolytic Oven from ASKO.