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60cm Gas Cooktop
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60cm Gas Cooktop


In a stunning design with newly-designed controls to keep your kitchen on-trend, this black Omega 60cm Gas Cooktop OCG64FFETGG combines a sophisticated aesthetic with high-tech performance that is simple and easy to use. Available exclusively at The Good Guys, the user-friendly and ergonomically-designed control knob dials on this cooktop are both stylish and practical, with markings to indicate what dial is used to control a corresponding burner, as well as power level markings from high to low so you can control the flame more precisely. With four burners to create with, cook delicious stir-fries or sizzling steaks on the high-powered wok burner as side dishes boil or simmer on the accompanying burners. Plus, each burner comes fitted with a Flame Failure safety device ensuring the gas supply is cut off should a draught or overboil accidentally extinguish the flame. Comprised of quality materials built to last with an anodised enamel coating on the cooktop surface and robust cast iron trivets to securely hold heavy pots and pans in place for greater stability throughout the cooking process, this Omega cooktop is form and function at its finest.