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90cm Gas Cooktop
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90cm Gas Cooktop


This brushed stainless steel Fisher & Paykel gas cooktop features a spacious layout with five burners so you can cook multiple meals at once. Conveniently move a heavy pot from one burner to the other with its flat cast iron trivets that allow for easy sliding across elements. The trivets also provide a stable cooking base so you can rest your pots and pans with ease knowing they're secured. It has two wok burners for your rapid-heat cooking needs, two semi-rapid burners for foods that like a lower heat, plus an auxiliary burner for simmering sauces. The Fisher & Paykel CG905CNGX2 has a flame failure device fitted to each burner that automatically switches off the gas if the flame is accidentally extinguished by a gust of air coming in from the outside. It is 914mm wide, 52mm high, and 533mm deep. This natural gas cooktop is a breeze to clean with easy access to the stainless steel component, and features a polished metal trim for added style and durability. Cook with woks, pots and pans at once and without restriction thanks to this F&P gas cooktop.