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90cm Bridge Induction Cooktop
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90cm Bridge Induction Cooktop


This ASKO 90cm Induction Cooktop is not only a good choice for a minimalist contemporary look in your kitchen, its practical functions are designed to make your time in the kitchen an easy one. Six programmes give you flexibility to fry, boil, grill, simmer, stir-fry and even keep food warm. There is plenty of room to cook a large meal with its spacious cooking zones. What's more, its Bridge Zones allow you to combine two smaller zones into one large cooking zone - perfect for browning food in a rectangular dish before popping into the oven for roasting. The ASKO HI1975G soft touch controls make it easy to select a power level, and the Boost function will give you a temporarily higher power so you can bring a large pot of water to the boil quicker. Beyond that, it's a safe option for families - food is cooked really quickly via the heat of the cookware and not the cooktop itself so the cooktop surface stays cool to the touch. The element itself cools down really quickly once cookware is removed. It's possible to have a stylish and intuitive cooktop with practical functionality to make your life easier, with this 90cm Induction Cooktop form ASKO.