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Marella Jug Cool White 2.4L
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Marella Jug Cool White 2.4L


Australia's family favourite for pure and fresh tasting water: the BRITA Marella jug.All BRITA water filter jugs use the MAXTRA+ filter with the unique MicroFlow technology, is formulated to provide expert levels of filtration for different water conditions. Made of activated carbon from natural coconut shells, its activated carbon pearls act to absorb and lock away chlorine and other taste and odour impairing substances, resulting in fresher, cleaner water. Additionally, its ion exchange pearls help to reduce metals like lead and copper as well as ensuring reliable protection from limescale build-up. BRITA water filter jugs are also compatible with MAXTRA+ Limescale filter. The in-built electronic indicator is designed to remind you when the filter should be replaced. Each MAXTRA+ filter provides 150 litres of pure and fresh tasting filtered water and should be changed every 150 litres or each month (based on average household size drinking 8 glasses per day). *if found in tap water