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27L 1000W Stainless Steel Microwave
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27L 1000W Stainless Steel Microwave


This Panasonic microwave oven has 1000 watts of power and a 27 litre capacity. You can eliminate confusion about cook times with its 16 cook menus. Also, the Panasonic NN-SF574SQPQ has 6 power levels, so you can zap a cube of butter at low power. Its inverter lets you eliminate cooked edges on defrosted beef and chicken. Auto-cook potatoes, fresh vegetables and more with the Panasonic microwave oven's touch control panel. It has a stainless steel finish. The microwave oven has a 529mm width, a 326mm height, and a 422mm depth. You can defrost ground beef and other foods with help from this Panasonic microwave oven.