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the Toast Select Luxe Toaster - Sea Salt Matte White
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the Toast Select Luxe Toaster - Sea Salt Matte White


This compact Breville the Toast Select Luxe is a 2-slice toaster in sea salt matte white to bring a touch of luxury to your kitchen bench. It cleverly adjusts the toasting time for each type of bread - select from White, Brown, Grain, Fruit, Rye and Crumpet and the Breville Luxe BTA735SST4JAN1 takes care of the rest for you. The slots are extra wide and deep to accommodate larger pieces of bread without a worry. It has an 'A Bit More' button for extra toasting time if your toast comes up too light, a browning control slider for toast your way, and a 'Lift & Look' lever to check progress without interrupting the toast cycle. This Breville toaster BTA735SST4JAN1 has an LED progress indicator, a sound alert when your toast is ready, and cord storage integrated into the base to keep things clutter-free. Constructed in brushed stainless steel with premium metallic finishes, chrome accents and back-lit buttons, this stunning toaster is about toasting versatility and style in one.