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Euroflex - SC60R - Monster Steam Cleaner
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Euroflex - SC60R - Monster Steam Cleaner


Ideal for small to medium cleaning jobs Compact, but with all accessories required Lightweight and easy to carry Shoulder strap for high level cleaning jobs Manoeuvres easily on smooth castor wheels Fitted hose and steam gun Extension tubes (2) Floor brush angled connector Floor brush microfibre pad Nylon Bristle tray Window tool Small brush Fitted microfibre pad for small brush Detail nozzle with angled connector Nylon brush for detailed nozzle Brass brush for detailed nozzle Scrapper for detailed nozzle Filling cup Funnel Tool Caddy Wall bracket Boiler power (Watt): 1450 Water capacity (ml): 1.2L Cable length: 4 metres Boiler pressure: 4 bar