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R9 Master Robotic Vacuum
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R9 Master Robotic Vacuum


The LG R9 Master Robotic Vacuum's R9MASTER 5 Step Filtration System allows for a deep and thorough cleaning process. Larger particles are separated in steps 1-3 and deposited in the dust bin, while finer dust particles are filtered and captured in steps 4 and 5. It also helps provide a deep clean of your home through the use of the vacuum's Smart Inventor Motor and LG's AeroScience air flow technology. The Robotic Vacuum can help lift dirt, dust and hair from a variety of surfaces with its Power Drive Nozzle. You can even control and monitor this LG vacuum remotely using your home Wi-Fi network and a compatible smartphone. Through the ThinQ smartphone app, you can nominate a designated area of the home for specific cleaning as well as being able to set exclusion zones such as pet zones or baby rooms if you'd like the vacuum to avoid certain areas. LG's Robotic Vacuum has a 3D Laser Sensor allowing it to detect objects as it moves around your home to avoid collisions and enhance performance.