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Micam 5
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Micam 5" GPS


The Navman (4905201) Micam is a 5 Inch GPS. It features a Full HD 1080P recording Dash Cam that not only captures critical information in an incident with its 3-Axis G-sensor and GPS-tagged video, it also has all the navigation and safety features Navman is known for. It can also read your phone messages out loud to you while you drive. MiCam will not only free up your windscreen, it will remove the distractions so you can focus on the journey, giving you the right information exactly when you need it. Live traffic alerts, accurate ETAs and clear visual and verbal navigation. Youll be able to compare the signposted speed limit with your actual speed at a glance, and there is also a nifty countdown bar that shows distance to the next speed or red light camera or school zone. The dash cam uses a Premium Starvis Sensor in Full HD 1080P, which is perfect for every lighting condition, even low light. Driving will be less stressful, and youll feel more confident of where to go with maps that show 3D Junction Views and precise Lane Guidance. Free monthly maps monthly, plus speed and safety camera updates that can be done instantly via WIFI so your MiCam is always up to date. You can tuck your phone away and save its battery because with a MiCam you can make and take calls on your device without the navigation and recording functions dropping out.