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Roam - White
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Roam - White

Now $269.00

Create memorable experiences, either on the go or at the home using the powerful and innovative Sonos Roam ROAM1R21 portable speaker. Listen to hours of prestine audio with the two class-h amplifiers; these are fine-tuned to present the best optimal musical quality. Producing accurate mid-range sounds, deep low end frequencies and detailed high frequencies is the custom Racetrack mid-woofer and precise tweeter. Let the Sonos Roam adapt to the noise around you; Trueplay listens to the surrounding environment and automatically tunes itself to produce the best audio experience. Being lightweight and ergonomically designed you can easily carry this speaker wherever you go. Easily play music at home using Wi-Fi connectivity or reconnect on the go with Bluetooth 5.0. Play music all day with 10 hours of consistent audio playback and have your speaker ready with sleep mode lasting up to 10 days. Carefully considered for all environments the Sonos Roam is protected from dust and water with a IP67 water resistance rating, the silicone exterior protects it from accidental damage or mishaps when out and about. Create a surround sound stereo experience with the easy Sonos to Sonos pairing feature; simply connect the Sonos Roam to other Sonos devices to deliver an immersive and large soundstage.