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Surface Dial
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Surface Dial


The Surface Dial offers a completely new way to create and design, transforming the way you work. The Microsoft Surface Dial has an intuitive design that offers navigation shortcuts to enhance your workflow. Depending on which Surface device you're using, the 2WR-00004 Surface Dial works both on and off screen, and with deep integration from leading applications including Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, you'll be amazed at how it transforms your creative process. The Surface Dial is controlled with three simple, intuitive gestures: press and hold, click, and rotate so it's easy to learn to use. Press and hold to discover a radial menu of tools - then rotate to select, use it as a volume control or to rotate 3D images. When it's paired with a Surface Pen there's even more to discover. With the Surface Dial, you can change the pencil colour, brush size or type - you can even undo line drawings stroke by stroke, all by just turning the Dial. Discover new ways to unlock your creativity with the Microsoft Surface Dial Surface Laptop only offers off-screen support.