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Frames - Tempo (Sports)
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Frames - Tempo (Sports)


Enjoy high intensity workouts and long adventures with great music and eyes protection using the Bose Frames Tempo 839769-0100. These performance frames are expertly designed to be lightweight; it will feel like youre wearing nothing at all. The flexible temple grips, the custom spring hinges and soft silicone nose pads come together to create a fashionable yet comfortable set of frames. Each arm of these sunglasses contains a powerful Bose speaker; this design alongside the Open Ear Audio technology allows users to hear their favourite tracks in high quality while being aware of surrounding pedestrians and traffic. The Bose polycarbonate polarised lenses provide damage resistant from shattering or scratches while the TR-90 nylon frame offers high sunglass durability. IPX4 water-resistance offers protection against rain or water splashes; alongside the acoustic mesh cover that prevents water and debris from entering the audio-glasses. Easily switch out the Tempo frames to match the certain adventure or workout you are experiencing.