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Family Q Titanium NG
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Family Q Titanium NG

Now $696.00

Cook up a storm quickly and easily with the power and convenience of the Weber Family Q Q3100 barbecue 56067224. Connected to your home's natural gas supply, the Family Q has the capacity to easily cater for big parties and barbecues food quickly so you can start the next batch sooner with the lid down, which also means it's economical to run because you won't be cooking for as long. Just one push of the spark igniter will start pre-heating the Family Q so you can start cooking in just ten minutes. Plus, the two burner system allows for roasting or barbecuing and with the optional Weber Q accessories, you can cook skewers on the optional hot plate whilst grilling steaks on the opposite side - to roasting a leg of lamb or baking a dessert using the optional Convection Tray and Trivet to turn the Q into an instant oven. And, the included patio cart features a tool holder and swing out work surfaces so you can quickly reach for marinades and cooking utensils. The Weber Family Q is built tough with a durable cast aluminium lid and body and comes with a five year limited warranty. Cooking a variety of foods and in large quantities is made easy with the Weber Family Q.