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Knee and Elbow Tens Therapy
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Knee and Elbow Tens Therapy


TENS Relief for knee and elbow pain is now available for convenient use in the privacy and comfort of your own home. The EM29 Knee & Elbow TENS Therapy works on the basis of electrical nerve stimulation. TENS is approved as a clinically proven, effective, medication-free method of treating certain types of pain which, when used properly, is also free of side effects. It is also approved as a means of simple self-treatment. The pain-relieving or pain-suppressing effect is caused by suppressing the transmission of pain in the nerve fibres (particularly through high-frequency impulses) and increasing the release of the body's own endorphins, which decrease the sensation of pain by their effect in the central nervous system. This versatile TENS solution designed for both knee and elbow features a flexible shape suiting a circumference from 25cm to 70cm, 4 training programs each with up to 20 levels of intensity and safety switch off making this an ideal solution for pain relief. Batteries included with a 3 year warranty.