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Remington - HC4250AU - Rapid Cut Hair Clipper
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Remington - HC4250AU - Rapid Cut Hair Clipper


64mm curved stainless steel blades 9 combs (1.5 to 15mm) Showerproof fully washable Lithium powered battery Self-sharpening blades Removable blade Up to 40 minute cordless runtime 4 hour full charge Ergonomic design Cord/Cordless (rechargeable) operation Charging indicator light Washout technology flushes hair from inside out Rapid Cut hair clipper: Yes 9 guide combs: 1.5mm comb, 2mm comb, 2.5mm comb, 3mm comb, 4.5mm comb, 6mm comb, 9mm comb, 12mm comb, 15mm comb Premium storage pouch: Yes Lubricating oil: Yes Cleaning brush: Yes Instruction book: Yes Power adaptor: Yes