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Nose Trimmer Series 3000
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Nose Trimmer Series 3000


Gently remove hair from your nose, ears & eyebrows with the Philips Nose Trimmer Series 3000. This trimmer is specially angled to offer you a fast and comfortable trim; plus it's designed to easily reach the hairs inside your ears and nose. The cutter features an ultra-thin foil guard to prevent any skin irritation after use and thanks to its ProtecTube Technology, hair is guaranteed not get caught or pull between the moving blades. This fully washable trimmer is easy to control, even when it's wet with its soft-touch rubber grip handle. It comes with a soft pouch, AA batteries and 2 eyebrow combs, so it's perfect to take with you when you're travelling. The Series 3000 nose trimmer is a fast and safe way to remove unwanted facial hair.