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Adventurer 4G Coral
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Adventurer 4G Coral


Spacetalk Adventurer ST2-CR-1 provides safe, reliable connection between parents and children with its 4G mobile phone coverage and GPS Location feature. Eliminating those unnecessary distractions of the web or social media, the Spacetalk Adventurer smartwatch offers a new level of independence and peace of mind with enhanced Chat & Call capabilities (requires a Nano SIM card with calls, SMS and data, and a Spacetalk in-app subscription for up to 2 watches $5.99/month or up to 5 watches for $8.99/month), photo and video sharing with its 5MP camera, and complete parental control by connecting Adventurer with the Spacetalk app on your smartphone to control what features your child can use - or to activate School Mode so it can be worn as a simple wristwatch for distraction-free learning. Plus, it has a built-in fitness tracker and heart rate monitor to encourage them to stay active. This kid's smart watch is robust enough to keep up with any child with its Gorilla Glass touch screen and an IP67 dust and showerproof rating. Adventurer is designed to work on all mobile network operators (including virtual network operators) throughout Australia and New Zealand on their 4G and 3G network. On some mobile service providers, use of MMS Messaging services may be a chargeable cost in addition to your basic plan. To avoid these costs, Spacetalk recommends using the Chat message function to send and receive multimedia messages between devices. *Protected up to a depth of 1 metre for a duration of up to 30 minutes.