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AX7 - Glaring Gold
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AX7 - Glaring Gold


This OPPO mobile phone's 4G network capability lets you enjoy fast Internet access. You can capture moments in time with amazing clarity with its 13 MP sensor resolution. The OPPO AX7 Gold has a ColorOS 5.2 operating system. It has a 64 GB storage capacity, allowing you to store all your digital music and films. The AX7 Gold mobile phone's 256 GB of expandable storage lets you expand memory storage. Plus, look at clean graphics with its 720 x 1520 pixel screen resolution. The AX7 Gold has a 6.2-inch display, 1080p HD recording, Wi-Fi, a Bluetooth connection, and GPS capability. It's gold. And, the OPPO phone has a 75.4mm width, a 155.9mm height, and an 81mm depth. It features 4230 mAh battery. This mobile phone is a smart option for replacing your aging mobile device.