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Galaxy Note20 256GB Green
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Galaxy Note20 256GB Green


Hold the power of a computer in the palm of your hands with this Samsung Galaxy Note20 1091007526. The Note20 offers a seamless PC-like experience so you can take notes, make quick sketches and create documents in no time at all with the included S- Pen. Plus, the pro grade video camera means you can take 8K(1) or 120fps footage that's perfect for playing on your TV. The Galaxy Note processor with an ultra-fast refresh rate and improved touch sensitivity(2) allows for seamless gameplay on all of your favourite apps. Finally, the long-lasting battery with super-fast charging gives you hours of power from minutes of charge(3). (1) To view videos in 8K quality, a compatible 8K device is required (sold separately). (2) Compared to previous Galaxy devices. (3) 2 Fast charger required for fast charging. Actual charging speed varies by device and depending on usage, charging conditions, and other factors.