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Airwrap Mattress Protector
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Airwrap Mattress Protector

Bassinet Mattress Protector
RRP $22.99
Large Cradle Mattress Protector
RRP $24.99
Cot Mattress Protector
RRP $34.99
Large Cot Mattress Protector
RRP $34.99

With AIRWRAP™ Mattress Protector, parents have the choice to protect their baby from mattress-based nasties (pollutants/VOCs) without adding softness & padding. The Firm Friendly™, non-padded protector has a vapour-proof waterproof layer which shields against VOCs passing from the mattress into the baby’s breathing zone. All AIRWRAP™ products are made using materials & techniques that do not produce toxic VOCs.