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SnüzPod3 Bassinet
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SnüzPod3 Bassinet

RRP $499.99

SnüzPod3 attaches to your bed so you can be close, feed & comfort Bub easily, without leaving your bed. A zip-down mesh wall is easily lowered to comfort & feed baby during the night, before being raised back up to create a four-walled crib protecting baby from parents’ bedding. You can safely tilt the frame to help with reflux. While a rockable bassinet is great for daytime naps around the home or away, keeping your baby in their familiar sleeping environment. Comes with a supportive luxury quilted mattress & a rockable stand to gently soothe your baby back to sleep.

Available in: White, Dusk, Dove Grey, Natural, Luna.

Suitability: Newborn - Six months.