Wi-Fi Air Conditioner Controller - Black

The 2nd generation Sensibo Sky Wi-Fi air conditioner controller enables you to control your air conditioner from anywhere, anytime via the downloadable Sensibo app on your smartphone. This clever controller automatically turns on your air conditioner before you arrive home using your phone location with geo-fencing, and will even auto-turn off the A/C when you leave home to save energy. Plus, Sensibo Sky has a Climate React feature to change the climate in your room based on your set temperature, humidity and comfort parameters. It works with any remote-controlled air conditioner. And, with unlimited 7-day scheduling, you can be in full control of your climate by defining as many schedules as you'd like - warm the house when you wake up and turn off the A/C automatically after you go to sleep. Connect to your Google Home or Amazon Echo device to control the temperature with your voice without reaching for your phone. Make your split system, portable, or window wall air conditioner smarter thanks to Sensibo Sky.