60cm Pyrolytic Oven - CleanSteel

A classic stainless steel door and handle on the Miele ContourLine CleanSteel 60cm Oven H 7164 BP is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. Keep this oven clean with its pyrolytic function, turning even the harshest of stains into an easy-to-clean fine ash. Built with 10 cooking functions and 25 automatic programs to help take the guesswork out of your cooking, this 76L Miele Oven is the perfect kitchen companion for cooks of all levels. Add humidity to your cooking environment with MoisturePlus, which shoots a jet of steam into the oven to help keep your roasts succulent and delicious, or breads especially moist on the inside and perfectly browned and crisp on the outside. Plus, the Flexi-Clip runners help make handling and moving hot trays a breeze as they slide out far away from the heat zone.