62cm Induction Cooktop

Intuitive technology meets seamless design with the Miele KM 7564 FL induction cooktop with onset controls. This Generation 7000 creation boasts flexibility and simplicity, offering versatility for the new-age kitchen. The four cooking zones are managed using Smart Select, allowing you to set power levels and times quickly and easily using a numerical interface. Flexibility is key: you can either cook in the individual zones, or bridge two zones together to make one large area for your bigger pots and pans. All cooking zones feature the versatile and high-power PowerFlex technology, making them perfect for casseroles and larger dishes. For an extra power boost, you can also use the TwinBooster function to concentrate the power of two cooking zones into one, if required. Using the cooktop is simple and efficient - once you switch the cooktop on, cookware that has been placed is automatically recognised. And if you need to step away from the cooktop for a short time, the Stop & Go function reduces all cooking zones to power level 1. On your return, simply reactivate the power levels with another touch of the button. The Miele KM 7564 induction cooktop comes equipped with a range of intuitive safety features, including the system lock, which protects you and your family against accidental switching on. Safety switch-off kicks in when a cooking zone has been operating at the same power level for a long time, or there is no pan on the cooktop; and in the case of overheating, the cooktop will automatically switch itself off. Further, the residual heat indicator reminds you not to touch the cooking zones when they are still hot. Con@ctivity 3.0 allows you to connect your cooktop to your rangehood so you can concentrate on cooking. When activated, your rangehood will automatically respond to the cooktop, adjusting extraction power to match, ensuring a pleasant room climate at all times. With incredible safety features, intuitive technology, and seamless design, the Miele KM 7564 FL induction cooktop offers functionality and style.