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Sutcliffes-Award-Winning-Bone-in-Whole-Leg-Ham on sale

Sutcliffe's Award Winning Bone in Whole Leg H...

Australian Pork. Whole Ham 10-11Kg. Serves 30. Cured with a Sutcliffe's recipe, our multi award winning bone in traditional leg hams are naturally double smoked using beechwood chips which gives it a perfect balance of smokiness and sweetness, not to mention that our hams are also gluten free....
$17.99 kg
Bangalow-Sweet-Pork-Bone-in-Whole-Leg-Ham on sale

Bangalow Sweet Pork Bone in Whole Leg Ham

Australian Pork. Whole Ham 10-12Kg. Serves 30. A beautiful double smoked, gluten free ham with superior marbling that gives it that delicious flavour and tender texture....
$26.99 kg
German-Butchery-Prager-Boneless-Whole-Leg-Ham on sale

German Butchery Prager Boneless Whole Leg Ham

Whole Ham 5-6Kg. Serves 20. Award winning double smoked ham....
$26.99 kg
Sutcliffes-Fresh-Whole-Turkeys on sale

Sutcliffe's Fresh Whole Turkeys

Min 3Kg. Serves 8-10. Min 4Kg. Serves 11-13. Min 5Kg. Serves 14-16. Min 6Kg. Serves 17-19. Min 7Kg. Serves 20-22. Min 8Kg. Serves 23-25. Min 9Kg. Serves 26-28. Min 10Kg. Serves 29-31. Serve a spectacular Christmas turkey this year! This succulent, full of flavour turkey will always be a crowd pleaser....
$16.99 kg
Sutcliffes-Fresh-Turkey-Buffe on sale

Sutcliffe's Fresh Turkey Buffe

Min 3Kg. Serves 8-10. Min 4Kg. Serves 11-13. Min 5Kg. Serves 14-16. Min 6Kg. Serves 17-19. From farm gate to plate. Our range of turkey buffes are breast bone in and are delicious with exceptional flavours....
$19.99 kg
Game-Farm-Free-Range-Turkey on sale

Game Farm Free Range Turkey

Delightful turkey boasting impeccable flavours and gorgeous juicy textures....
$26.99 kg
Turducken on sale


Min 4Kg. Serves 10-12. Min 5Kg. Serves 12-14. A hand prepared whole turkey with only the drumstick bone in, combined with moist sausage stuffing, duck and chicken breast to create one deliciously mouth watering roast....
$44.99 kg
Mini-3-Bird-Roast on sale

Mini 3 Bird Roast

1.8-2kg. Serves 5-6. An elegant boneless turducken with skin on turkey breast, duck and chicken breast with a tasty stuffing between each layer....
$32.99 kg
Turkey-Breast-Pockets on sale

Turkey Breast Pockets

1.8-2Kg. Serves 5-6. A delicious skin on turkey breast filled with your choice of stuffing....
$31.99 kg
Easy-Carve-Christmas-Turkey-Parcel on sale

Easy Carve Christmas Turkey Parcel

2-2.2kg. Serves 6-7. The perfect combination of turkey breast, sausage mince, caramelised onion, cranberry sauce and streaky bacon....
$35.99 kg
Pork-Loin-Roast on sale

Pork Loin Roast

2-2.2kg. Serves 5-6. This delicious boneless pork roast with the crackling left on, comes seasoned or unseasoned. Great for any occasion....
$19.99 kg
Pork-Leg-Boneless on sale

Pork Leg Boneless

Australian Pork. 2-2.2kg. Serves 5-7. Succulent boneless pork leg roast with the crackling on....
$16.99 kg