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Woolworths is one of Australia's leading supermarkets. Shopping online at Woolworths just got a lot easier with Salefinder. Simply check out the latest Woolworths Catalogue in your region below, create a shopping list of all your favourite items on sale and head online or instore to grab yourself the best deals. Browse the latest Woolworths Catalogue below

  • Weekly Specials Catalogue NSW
    Weekly Specials Catalogue NSW
    Offer valid Wed 15 Jan 2020 - Tue 21 Jan 2020

  • Healthier Meal Ideas NSW
    Healthier Meal Ideas NSW
    Offer valid Wed 15 Jan 2020 - Tue 21 Jan 2020

  • Back To School
    Back To School
    Offer valid Wed 8 Jan 2020 - Sat 29 Feb 2020

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Yoplait-Forme-Zero-Yoghurt-1-kg on sale

Yoplait Forme Zero Yoghurt 1 kg

Low Price Always
$4.00 each
40¢ per 100g
Woolworths-Classic-Muesli-750g on sale

Woolworths Classic Muesli 750g

$3.50 each
Was $3.85
47¢ per 100g
Macro-Organic-Rolled-Oats-500g on sale

Macro Organic Rolled Oats 500g

$3.50 each
Was $3.75
70¢ per 100g
Australian-Lean-Beef-Mince-500g on sale

Australian Lean Beef Mince 500g

Australian Grown.
$6.00 each
Save $1.50
$12 per kg
Australian-Carrots-1-kg-Pack on sale

Australian Carrots 1 kg Pack

Australian Grown.
$1.50 pk
$1.50 per kg
Woolworths-Tuna-95g on sale

Woolworths Tuna 95g

$0.90 each
$9.47 per kg
Aussie-Bodies-Low-Carb-Protein-Bars-40g on sale

Aussie Bodies Low Carb Protein Bars 40g

Weight management product...
$1.40 each
1/2 Price, Save $1.40
$3.50 per 100g
Keep-It-Cleaner-Protein-Powder-375g on sale

Keep It Cleaner Protein Powder 375g

Only at Woolworths. ...
$15.00 each
1/2 Price, Save $15.00
$4 per 100g
Crankt-Protein-Shakes-375ml on sale

Crankt Protein Shakes 375ml

Weight management product...
$2.00 each
1/2 Price, Save $2.15
53¢ per 100ml