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Source-Element-Sparkling-Water-Maker-White on sale

Source Element Sparkling Water Maker - White

Make fresh sparkling water at home with the SodaStream Source Element! Enjoy delicious bubbly water fizzed in the convenience of your kitchen. It's quick and easy to use with a responsive touch system, allowing you to reach your desired beverage carbonation level within seconds. With three levels of carbonation to choose from, simply press the carbonation block to achieve your preferred level, and be guided by the LED carbonation indicator for your perfect fizz. The Source comes with a 60 litre ...
25L-1000W-NeoChef-Inverter-Microwave-SS on sale

25L 1000W NeoChef Inverter Microwave S/S

This LG microwave oven has 1000 watts of power. Its 292mm turntable diameter enables you to defrost large containers of homemade broths. Warm breads on a low-setting to maintain their moisture with the LG MS2596OS's 10 power levels. It features an inverter, so you can cook frozen casseroles edge-to-edge and top-to-bottom. The LG microwave oven's touch control panel allows you to easily set power levels and cooking times. It has a black glass and stainless steel finish. The microwave oven feature...
32L-1000W-Microwave-Black-Mirror-Finish on sale

32L 1000W Microwave - Black Mirror Finish

This Samsung microwave oven features 1000 watts of power. It features a 318mm turntable diameter, so you can defrost multiple cuts of frozen meat. Choose high power cooking for boiling and low power for softening butter with the Samsung MS32J5133BM's 10 power levels. Its auto sensor lets you prevent over-cooking and burning. The Samsung microwave oven features a black finish. Plus, it has a 517mm width, a 297mm height, and a 384mm depth. You can reheat leftovers quickly thanks to this Samsung mi...
40L-1000W-Microwave-Stainless-Steel on sale

40L 1000W Microwave - Stainless Steel

This Samsung microwave oven has 1100 watts of power and a 40 litre capacity. Its 360mm turntable diameter lets you heat large bowls of soup. You can settle cooking time dilemmas once and for all with the Samsung ME6144ST's 21 cook menus. It has 10 power levels, allowing you to adjust the power level while cooking. The ME6144ST microwave oven's auto sensor lets you never worry about over heating leftovers. Plus, you can auto-cook potatoes, fresh vegetables and more with its touch control panel. T...
40L-1000W-Sensor-Convection-Inverter-MW on sale

40L 1000W Sensor Convection Inverter MW

This Sharp microwave oven has 1000 watts of power. Its 362mm turntable diameter allows you to defrost multiple pieces of frozen chicken. And, you can settle cooking time dilemmas once and for all with the Sharp R995DST's 21 cook menus. It has 6 power levels, so you can warm breads on a low-setting to maintain their moisture. The R995DST microwave oven's inverter helps you cook frozen casseroles edge-to-edge and top-to-bottom. Prevent over-cooking and burning with its auto sensor. The R995DST has...
2400W-Dragon-4-Oil-Column-Heater-wTimer on sale

2400W Dragon 4 Oil Column Heater w/Timer

This DeLonghi 2400W Dragon 4 Oil Column Heater w/Timer (TRD42400MT) features radiant heating, allowing you to produce waves of fast heat cost-effectively and noiselessly with no moving parts into a localised area. The electric powered 2400W heating element and portable design ensure you can create warmth in any room. A manual knob control panel allow you to easily adjust the heat settings and 24-hour timer. Plus, prevent hazards due to overheating with this DeLonghi column heater's thermal cut-o...
2000W-White-Ceramic-Tower-Heater on sale

2000W White Ceramic Tower Heater

This Kambrook ceramic heater's ceramic heating element lets you put out hot air for self-contained areas. It features 2000 watts of heating power. The Kambrook KCE460WHT features a portable design, allowing you to take the warmth with you. It's electric powered. You can select the exact heat level you want with the Kambrook ceramic heater's 2 heat settings. Its thermostat lets you maintain your desired temperature. The ceramic heater has a 178mm width, a 380mm height, and a 178mm depth. It has a...
569L-French-Door-Refrigerator on sale

569L French Door Refrigerator

Organisation is the key to smooth sailing in any kitchen. This Fisher & Paykel 569L French Door Refrigerator RF610ADX5 has spacious shelving within easy reach so you can grab what you need without fuss. It has ActiveSmart Foodcare interior sensors that continuously adjust the temperature according to your daily use by distributing cool air evenly throughout your fridge and freezer, so you can be assured that your family's food is kept at a cool and safe temperature at all times. You can get orga...
60cm-Slideout-Rangehood on sale

60cm Slideout Rangehood

This Omega rangehood is a slide out hood. It features a 378 cu m/hr extraction capacity, so you can extract smoke, grease, moisture and smells from your kitchen. Plus, the Omega ORT6WXA's LED lighting helps you flood your cooking space with a bright light. It has dishwasher safe filters and a recirculating design. Brightly light your cooking area with the Omega rangehood's switch controls. Also, it has a white and stainless steel finish. The rangehood has a 600mm width with a 175mm height. It's ...
Golden-Pancake-Perfection on sale

Golden Pancake Perfection

* Two large (130mm) pancake wells create golden fluffy pancakes in minutes* Non-stick cooking surface for easy cleaning* Easy locking lid* Can be stored on its side to maximise space savings...
Now $35.00
DeLonghi-Inissia-Capsule-Coffee-Machine-Black on sale

DeLonghi Inissia Capsule Coffee Machine - Black

This Nespresso coffee machine features an espresso maker, so you can serve coffee drinks anytime. It features a black finish, a single-serve capsule design, and a frother. Also, you can brew cup after cup of tasty, satisfying coffee with the Nespresso EN80BAE's 2 cup brewing capacity. Its removable reservoir lets you enjoy easy cleanup. This coffee machine is a good option for producing great coffee without any problems....
Sandwich-Press on sale

Sandwich Press

This Russell Hobbs sandwich press' 4 slice capacity enables you to whip up jaffles for many. It features a 2200 watt heating element. The Russell Hobbs RHSP801RED has a vertical storage design, so you can use less shelf space. Avoid burning your fingers with its warm up and ready lights. The Russell Hobbs sandwich maker's red finish helps you have it in your preferred colour. It's great for adding some fancy new sandwiches to your menu....