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Projecta-12V-Pro-Charge-Micro-Processor-Battery-Charger-8Amp on sale

Projecta 12V Pro-Charge Micro Processor Battery Ch...

• Maximises battery life & performance by helping restore drained & sulphated batteries • Adjustable output • Compatible with all lead acid & calcium type batteries • Can be left connected to battery indefinitely • 6 stage automatic 8Amp. EL15210 16Amp. EL15211 21Amp. EL15212...
8Amp, Save $40.00
$129.00 each
16Amp, Save $40.00
$149.00 each
21Amp, Save $40.00
$189.00 each
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Roadpower-Split-Conduit on sale

Roadpower Split Conduit

• Available in 3m lengths. 7mm. EL32449 10mm. EL32453 13mm. EL32455 16mm. EL32459 29mm. EL32451 20% off...
$10.39 each
$11.99 each
$13.59 each
$18.39 each
$27.99 each
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Voltage-Trailer-Cables on sale

Voltage Trailer Cables

5 Core X 7m. EL31687 7 Core X 10m. EL31688 25% off...
5 Core X 7m
$16.49 each
7 Core X 10m
$26.24 each
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KN-Selected-Panel-Air-Filters on sale

K&N Selected Panel Air Filters

• Washable & reusable designed to increase horsepower • Provide high airflow & exceptional filtration PE0273...
15% off
From $59.49 each
Gulf-Western-Top-Dog-XDO-Diesel-15W40-10Lt on sale

Gulf Western Top Dog XDO Diesel 15W40 10Lt

• Suitable for late model & older engines including turbos • OEM approved diesel engine oil • API CI-4 OA01711...
Save $25.00
$44.99 each
Bars-Bugs-Windscreen-Cleaner-375ml on sale

Bar’s Bugs Windscreen Cleaner 375ml

• Removes road grime • Improves wet weather vision • Ammoniated to clean faster DI01480...
Multi Buy
2 for $5.98
20-off-Masterpart-Conventional-Beam-Wiper-Blade-Assemblies on sale

20% off Masterpart Conventional & Beam Wiper B...

Conventional. AC19038 Beam Blade. AC61878 % off regular ticketed price....
$13.59 each
Beam Blade
From $19.99 each
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Voltage-12V-Intelligent-Multistage-Battery-Chargers on sale

Voltage 12V Intelligent Multistage Battery Charger...

1.6Amp. EL28957 2.5Amp. EL28958 4.0Amp. EL28959 8.0Amp. EL28960 12.0Amp. EL28961...
$32.99 each
$42.49 each
$49.99 each
$74.99 each
$94.50 each
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SJS-12V-Lithium-Smart-Jump-Starter on sale

SJS 12V Lithium Smart Jump Starter

• Will jump start most vehicles up to 2.8lt Diesel & 6lt Petrol • Jump start safe electronic controlled jumper leads included 1200Amp. EL26900 1500Amp. EL26901 1500Amp with tyre pump. EL26902 3000Amp. EL29096...
From $149.00 each
Kitten-Ultra-Cut-Polish-No2-250g on sale

Kitten Ultra Cut & Polish No.2 250g

• Designed to rejuvenate paintwork that’s in poor or heavily weathered condition • Provides a lasting shine that protects your car’s surface Cut & Polish No.2 250g. CC06968 Liquid Cut & Polish 450ml. CC06966 25% off...
Cut & Polish No.2 250g
$11.24 each
Liquid Cut & Polish 450ml
$14.99 each
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