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9ct-Gold-Diamond-Dragon-Pendant on sale

9ct Gold Diamond Dragon Pendant

9ct Gold Diamond Dragon Pendant. Size = 35mm x 18mm Including Bale. 8841797...
Half Price, was $599.00
Now $299.00
9ct-Gold-Cubic-Zirconia-Pear-Shape-Pendant on sale

9ct Gold Cubic Zirconia Pear Shape Pendant

9ct Gold Cubic Zirconia Pear Shape Pendant 4127252...
Half Price, was $149.00
Now $74.50
9ct-Gold-Two-Tone-Cubic-Zirconia-Circle-Pendant on sale

9ct Gold Two Tone Cubic Zirconia Circle Pendant

9ct Gold Two Tone Double Cubic Zirconia Circle Pendant 4127146...
Was $249.00
Now $129.00
9ct-Gold-Two-Tone-Dream-Catcher-Pendant on sale

9ct Gold Two Tone Dream Catcher Pendant

European Designed and Made 9ct Gold Two Tone Dream Catcher Pendant - Approximate Dimensions 14mm x 30mm including bale Complete the look and get the matching drop earrings! (SKU 2479016) The 'Dream Catcher' originates from Native American cultures. It is a sacred and protective symbol as it is believed to catch good dreams and ward off bad dreams. 2529020...
Half Price, was $179.00
Now $89.50
9ct-Gold-Snake-Pendant on sale

9ct Gold Snake Pendant

Was $249.00
Now $129.00
9ct-Gold-Angel-Wing-Pendant on sale

9ct Gold Angel Wing Pendant

European Made 9ct Gold Angel Wing Pendant - Approximate Dimensions 6mm x 25mm including bale 2527197...
Half Price, was $139.00
Now $69.50
9ct-Gold-Peaceful-Dove-Pendant on sale

9ct Gold Peaceful Dove Pendant

9ct Gold Textured Peaceful Dove Pendant 2527467...
Half Price, was $119.00
Now $59.50
9ct-Gold-45cm-Linked-Circles-Trace-Necklet on sale

9ct Gold 45cm Linked Circles Trace Necklet

Italian Made 9ct Gold 45cm Polished and Diamond-cut Linked Circles Trace Necklet 2547099...
Half Price, was $199.00
Now $99.50
9ct-Gold-Heart-Pendant-with-Infinity on sale

9ct Gold Heart Pendant with Infinity

9ct Gold Open Heart Infinity Pendant - Approximate Dimensions 18mm x 22mm including bale 2527356...
Half Price, was $149.00
Now $74.50
9ct-Gold-16mm-Round-Disc-Pendant on sale

9ct Gold 16mm Round Disc Pendant

Italian Made 9ct Gold Round Disc Pendant - Approximate Dimensions 16x20mm including bale 2529876...
Half Price, was $169.00
Now $84.50
9ct-Gold-21mm-Slanted-Edge-Cross-Pendant on sale

9ct Gold 21mm Slanted Edge Cross Pendant

9ct Gold Polished Finish Hollow Cross Pendant with Slanted Edges - 21mm Approximate Length without Bale 2589262...
Hot Price, was $89.90
Now $39.00
9ct-Gold-White-MOP-Tree-of-Life-Pendant on sale

9ct Gold White MOP Tree of Life Pendant

European Made 9ct Gold White Mother of Pearl Round Tree of Life Pendant - Approximate Dimensions 16mm x 22mm including bale The 'Tree of Life' symbolises a fresh start in life, positivity, good health and a bright future. It also represents the essence of family and one's origin. 2529695...
Half Price, was $149.00
Now $74.50