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Tridon-Switches-Sensors on sale

Tridon Switches & Sensors

• Large range to suit most popular vehicles Oil Pressure Switch. SP88535 Coolant Temp Switch. SP88549 Stop Light Switch. SP88676 20% off...
Oil Pressure Switch
From $10.39
Coolant Temp Switch
From $11.99
Stop Light Switch
From $10.39
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NGK-Spark-Plugs on sale

NGK Spark Plugs

• Available for all makes and models • Made to suit OEM standards with NGK quality and reliability Large range available. SP19837...
10% off
From $5.39 each
Protex-Ultra-Disc-Brake-Rotors on sale

Protex Ultra Disc Brake Rotors

• Suits most popular makes & models of passenger & light commercial vehicles • Direct replacement • Superior machine finish SP102787...
Low Price
From $49.99 each
Bendix-General-CT-Brake-Pads on sale

Bendix General CT Brake Pads

• Unique titanium stripe for instant friction & pedal feel • Revolutionary diamond shaped pads virtually eliminate noise & vibration Large range available. SP88501...
Save $10.00
From $69.99 set
15-off-Ryco-Syntec-Oil-Filters on sale

15% off Ryco Syntec Oil Filters

• The ultimate in oil filtration • A high efficiency filter range available to suit most popular vehicles Savings off regular ticketed price. SP169841...
$18.69 each
Protex-Water-Pumps on sale

Protex Water Pumps

• Great range to suit most popular vehicles SP167653...
10% off
From $26.99 each
Masterpart-12V-Solid-State-Fuel-Pumps on sale

Masterpart 12V Solid State Fuel Pumps

• Suitable for vehicles with carburettor only 3-4.5 PSI. SP143790 4-6 PSI. SP140313...
Save $10.00
$49.99 each
15-off-Icon-Electric-Mechanical-Fuel-Pumps on sale

15% off Icon Electric & Mechanical Fuel Pumps

• Large range of Electric External, In Tank & Mechanical Fuel Pumps to suit most popular vehicles Savings off regular ticketed price. SP211676...
From $71.99
15-off-SAAS-Wheel-Lock-Nuts on sale

15% off SAAS Wheel & Lock Nuts

% off regular ticketed price. SP46293...
15-off-KN-HP-Series-Spin-On-Oil-Filters on sale

15% off K&N HP Series Spin-On Oil Filters

• Hex nut for easy removal • Broad range % off regular ticketed price. PE03896...
SAAS-Trax-Series-Dual-Reading-Gauge on sale

SAAS Trax Series Dual Reading Gauge

• Oil press analogue/ water temp digita PE54836...
Save $10.00
$119.00 each
SAAS-Turbo-Boost-Controller on sale

SAAS Turbo Boost Controller

• Easily adjust turbo boost pressure Black. PE49282 Blue. PE49284 Polished. PE49283...
Save $14.00
$55.00 each