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Turtle-Wax-Hybrid-Seal-Shine-Wax-473ml on sale

Turtle Wax Hybrid Seal & Shine Wax 473ml

• Seals in the shine and protects paint for months • A super hydrophobic formula delivers superior water beading CC07491...
Save $7.00
$20.99 each
Turtle-Wax-Headlight-Lens-Restorer-Kit on sale

Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer Kit

• Unique process restores dull, yellowed headlights to like new condition • Lens clarifying compound quickly removes surface discoloration and may be all that is needed to restore clarity CC04173...
$35.99 kit
Turtle-Wax-Hybrid-Solutions-One-Done-Compound-Correct-Finish-473ml on sale

Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions One & Done Compoun...

• One product does it all by safely correcting and polishing any paint surface, leaving behind a wet reflective finish, with the simple switch of the pad on your machine polisher Also available: • Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax Spray 680ml. 100818 • Hybrid Solutions Pro To The Max Wax Liquid. 100817 100816...
From $44.99 each
Also available: Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax Spray 680ml
$52.49 each
Hybrid Solutions Pro To The Max Wax Liquid
$52.49 each
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Kitten-Ultra-Tyre-Black-500ml on sale

Kitten Ultra Tyre Black 500ml

• An easy way to make tyres, car mats and mud flaps look new again CC06959...
25% off
$8.99 each
Kitten-Ultra-One-Step-Tyre-Care-400g on sale

Kitten Ultra One Step Tyre Care 400g

• Gives your tyres an instant perfect finish • Just spray on there’s no need to brush or wipe CC06963...
25% off
$9.74 each
Kitten-Ultra-Polishing-Wax-No1-250g on sale

Kitten Ultra Polishing Wax No.1 250g

• Great for surfaces that are still in reasonable condition • Provides a high gloss finish Polishing Wax No.1 250g. CC06967 Liquid Polishing Wax 450ml. CC06965 25% off...
Polishing Wax No.1 250g
$11.24 each
Liquid Polishing Wax 450ml
$14.99 each
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Kitten-Ultra-Interior-Protectant-500ml on sale

Kitten Ultra Interior Protectant 500ml

• Forms a barrier on and under the surface guarding against cracking, dulling and fading caused by penetration of ozone, ultraviolet rays and oxygen CC06954...
Save $5.00
$14.99 each
Streetwize-3-Piece-Detail-Brush-Set on sale

Streetwize 3 Piece Detail Brush Set

• Perfect for cleaning hard to reach places such as air vents, interior and exterior trim, wheels & nuts CC07662...
25% off
$12.74 set
Streetwize-20-Piece-Soft-Microfibre-Towels-Pack on sale

Streetwize 20 Piece Soft Microfibre Towels Pack

• 30cm x 30cm • Lifts out dirt & dust • 80% polyester, 20% polyamide • Use wet or dry • Hypoallergenic CC05437...
50% off
$14.99 each
Streetwize-Waterless-Body-Duster on sale

Streetwize Waterless Body Duster

• Includes 1x standard duster & 1x mini duster • Extra soft microfibre duster easily traps and removes dust, dirt and pollen without scratching CC07497...
25% off
$14.99 each
Streetwize-Microfibre-Drying-Towel on sale

Streetwize Microfibre Drying Towel

• 90cm x 80cm • Super absorbent • Super soft suede trim • 450gsm microfibre CC07470...
Save $6.00
$18.99 each
Streetwize-Telescopic-Soft-Bristle-Dip-and-Wash-Brush on sale

Streetwize Telescopic Soft Bristle Dip and Wash Br...

• Extends to 1.5m and suitable for large vehicles • Designed to clean hard to reach areas • Premium super soft bristles for a superior scratch free clean • Rubber bumpers for added protection CC07610...
Save $10.00
$29.99 each