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Bowdens-Own-Bead-Machine-500ml on sale

Bowden's Own Bead Machine 500ml

• A durable super hydrophobic paint sealant • Epic shine • UV guard • Great protection • Enhances ceramic coatings and waxes CC07797...
Save $8.00
$24.99 each
Bowdens-Own-Mega-Snow-1LT on sale

Bowden's Own Mega Snow 1LT

• A heavy duty foam for dirtier weekends 101092...
Save $7.00
$22.99 each
Bowdens-Own-Snow-Blow-Cannon on sale

Bowden's Own Snow Blow Cannon

• Fast & safe touchless washing system. • Dramatically reduces swirl marks and micro scratches when washing • Includes cannon, 100ml Snow Foam & 3 adaptors CC06484...
25% off
$74.99 each
Bowdens-Own-Brushes on sale

Bowden’s Own Brushes

% off regular ticketed price. CC07212...
20% off
From $22.99 each
Bowdens-Own-The-Black-Box on sale

Bowden’s Own The Black Box

• Includes 250ml Mr Black, 125ml Flash Prep, 2x applicator pads, Dirty Deeds cloth, an applicator wand and 2x pairs of gloves (size M & XL) • For unpainted plastic bumpers, mirrors, cowls, door handles, running boards, side and window trims, wiper arms and more CC07828...
Save $20.00
$64.99 pack
Autoglym-Magma-500ml on sale

Autoglym Magma 500ml

• Colour transform technology reacts with iron particles on your bodywork and wheels safely loosening them to be easily rinsed away • Luxurious, high foaming shampoo, with an irresistible fragrance. • Cleans paintwork leaving a silky smooth, high-gloss finish CC07591...
Save $7.00
$21.99 each
Autoglym-Polar-Blast-25LT on sale

Autoglym Polar Blast 2.5LT

• Ensures complete coverage with a high density foam blanket CC07141...
Save $10.00
$34.99 each
Autoglym-Polar-Wash-25LT on sale

Autoglym Polar Wash 2.5LT

• A safe & effective cleaner for home pressure washers CC07507...
Save $8.00
$26.99 each
Autoglym-Polar-Blast-Snow-Cannon-Kit on sale

Autoglym Polar Blast Snow Cannon Kit

• Comes with 3 adaptors, quick connect, Karcher & Gerni CC07907...
Save $25.00
$74.99 each
Autoglym-Super-Resin-Polish-1LT on sale

Autoglym Super Resin Polish 1LT

• Removes swirl marks, minor scuffs & scratches • Restores gloss to all types of paintwork • Use every few months as needed to maintain a superb shine CC00474...
Save $12.00
$37.99 each
Turtle-Wax-Wash-Wax-2LT on sale

Turtle Wax Wash & Wax 2LT

• Wash & Wax safely and effectively removes dirt & grime without harming existing paintwork or wax coating • Leaves behind a protective coat of super hard shell wax CC05206...
Save $4.00
$13.99 each
Turtle-Wax-Scratch-Repair-Renew-207ml on sale

Turtle Wax Scratch Repair & Renew 207ml

• Easy to use product can be applied by hand or machine • Repairs years of damage in one use • Protective resins deposit a barrier for permanent paint restoration CC07488...
Save $6.00
$17.99 each