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Penrite-HPR-15-15W60-5LT on sale

Penrite HPR 15 15W60 5LT

• Full synthetic • Extra Ten provides an extra layer of engine protection OA00524...
Save $9.00
$48.99 each
Penrite-HPR-Diesel-15-15W-50-7LT on sale

Penrite HPR Diesel 15 15W-50 7LT

• Semi Synthetic • For light & heavy duty diesel & LPG engines OA04828...
Save $15.00
$59.99 each
Penrite-HPR-Diesel-5-5W40-7LT on sale

Penrite HPR Diesel 5 5W40 7LT

• Semi Synthetic • Extra Ten provides an Extra Layer of engine protection OA04827...
Save $15.00
$74.99 each
Penrite-HPR-10-10W50-10LT on sale

Penrite HPR 10 10W50 10LT

• Full synthetic OA02688...
Save $20.00
$94.99 each
Penrite-HPR-5-5W40-6LT on sale

Penrite HPR 5 5W40 6LT

• Full synthetic • API SP/CF, ACEA A3/B4 • Suitable for modern petrol, LPG & diesel engines OA01812...
Save $21.00
$62.99 each
Castrol-Magnatec-Stop-Start-10W30-5LT on sale

Castrol Magnatec Stop Start 10W30 5LT

• Semi synthetic • Clinging molecules protect against stop start wear OA03612...
Save $7.00
$42.99 each
Castrol-Magnatec-Diesel-DX-5W40-5LT on sale

Castrol Magnatec Diesel DX 5W40 5LT

• Full synthetic • Approved for use in a range of Holden and Jeep Diesel vehicles and many Japanese 4WDs and SUVs OA03044...
Save $10.00
$49.99 each
Castrol-Magnatec-5W30-5LT on sale

Castrol Magnatec 5W30 5LT

• Full synthetic. • Suitable for petrol and diesel (non DPF) vehicles* OA04629...
Save $12.00
$52.99 each
Castrol-Edge-Titanium-25W50-5LT on sale

Castrol Edge Titanium 25W50 5LT

• Semi synthetic • Track proven performance for big bore street machines OA01644...
Save $10.00
$44.99 each
Castrol-Edge-5W40-A3B4-5LT on sale

Castrol Edge 5W40 A3/B4 5LT

• Full synthetic • Suitable for petrol & diesel vehicles that hold BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Renault & VW approvals 110928...
Save $10.00
$57.99 each
Mobil-1-Syn-5W30-5LT on sale

Mobil 1 Syn 5W30 5LT

• Full synthetic • Suitable for late model vehicles OA01124...
Save $15.00
$69.99 each
Mobil-1-Syn-5W50-5LT on sale

Mobil 1 Syn 5W50 5LT

• Full synthetic • Prevents deposits and sludge build-up to enable long & clean engine life OA00721...
Save $15.00
$73.99 each