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KN-Universal-Air-Filter on sale

K&N Universal Air Filter

• Washable & reusable Red. PE43268 Blue. PE45411...
$46.00 each
SAAS-Razor-Sports-Seat on sale

SAAS Razor Sports Seat

• Universal - suits driver or passenger mounting • Reclinable • Hard wearing fabric ADR Approved. PE37520...
Multi Buy, Save $99.00
2 for $499.00
Single Unit Price $269.00
SAAS-Trax-Series-Dual-Reading-Gauges on sale

SAAS Trax Series Dual Reading Gauges

Dual Volt Analogue - Digital. PE54838 Diesel Boost Analogue/Oil Press Digital. PE54834 Oil Press Analogue/Water Temp Digital. PE54836 Diesel Boost Analogue/Volts Digital. PE54833 Diesel Boost Analogue/EXH Temp Digital. PE54835 EXH Temp Analogue/Volts Digital PE54837 15% off...
Dual Volt Analogue - Digital
$84.99 each
Diesel Boost Analogue/Oil Press Digital
$110.49 each
Oil Press Analogue/Water Temp Digital
$110.49 each
Diesel Boost Analogue/Volts Digital
$110.49 each
Diesel Boost Analogue/EXH Temp Digital
$127.49 each
EXH Temp Analogue/Volts Digital
$127.49 each
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Turbosmart-Boost-Gauge-0-30PSI-52MM on sale

Turbosmart Boost Gauge 0-30PSI 52MM

• 52mm/2 1/16” Boost Gauge 0-30psi Black Also available 52MM Gauge Mount Cup. PE25838 PE25837...
Save $5.00
$59.00 each
Also available: 52MM Gauge Mount Cup, Save $5.00
$37.99 each
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Turbosmart-Liquid-Filled-Fpr-Opr-Series-Fuel-Pressure-Gauge-0-100PSI on sale

Turbosmart Liquid Filled Fpr & Opr Series Fuel...

• Suit FPR800,1200,2000 & 3000 series Fits 1/8” NPT port PE18973...
Save $5.00
$32.00 each
Saas-Muscle-Series-89MM-3-12-0-200KPH-Speedometers on sale

Saas Muscle Series 89MM (3 1/2”) 0-200KPH Sp...

White. PE63994 Black. PE62495...
Save $30.00
$149.00 each
KN-HP-Series-Spin-On-Oil-Filters on sale

K&N HP Series Spin-On Oil Filters

• Hex nut for easy removal • Broad range PE03896...
15% off
From $17.84 each
KN-High-Performance-Air-Filter-Cleaner-Degreaser-12OZ-Pump-Spray on sale

K&N High Performance Air Filter Cleaner & ...

• Dissolves the dirt build up and old filter oil • Washes away with water • Only cleaner designed specifically for K&N cotton filters DI03106...
Save $2.00
$11.99 each
SAAS-Carbon-Fibre-Sealed-Air-Intake-Kit on sale

SAAS Carbon Fibre Sealed Air Intake Kit

• Universal kit suits large range of vehicles • Carbon fibre housing • High flow washable filter element -can be used oiled or dry • Ideal for offroad, 4WD, track or street cars PE47833...
Save $30.00
$99.00 each
TFI-Racing-Xtraflow-14-X-3-Air-Filter on sale

TFI Racing Xtraflow 14” X 3” Air Filte...

• High volume & breathable lid • Suits Holley carburetors Black. PE33555 PE33561...
Save $40.00
$129.00 each
$129.00 each
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TFI-Racing-Turbo-Cover-Beanie-T3-Silicone-Rated-550C on sale

TFI Racing Turbo Cover (Beanie) T3 Silicone Rated ...

• A Turbo Blanket to keep turbo from causing any damage to the rest of car PE62738...
Save $8.00
$46.00 each
SAAS-Turbo-Boost-Controller on sale

SAAS Turbo Boost Controller

• Easily adjust turbo boost pressure Black. PE49282 Blue. PE49284 Polished. PE49283...
Save $14.00
$55.00 each