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15-off-These-Nulon-300mL-Additives on sale

15% off* These Nulon 300mL Additives

Excludes Clearance. *Regular retail price, store stock only....
Nulon-1L-Diesel-Guard-or-Upper-Cylinder-Lubricants on sale

Nulon 1L Diesel Guard or Upper Cylinder Lubricants

Exclusive to Supercheap Auto Diesel Guard - Cleans & protects common rail & direct injection diesel fuel systems. (599038) Upper Cylinder - Specialised chemistry to protect against valve burnout & wear. (599039)...
Diesel Guard, Save $8.40
$33.59 each
Upper Cylinder, Save $6.00
$23.99 each
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Valvoline-XLD-Premium-Engine-Oil on sale

Valvoline XLD Premium Engine Oil

5L. 15W-40, API SL/CF. Quality mineral formulation producing optimum film strength & reduced wear. 293837...
20% off, Save $7.60
$30.39 each
Valvoline-Engine-Armour-Engine-Oil on sale

Valvoline Engine Armour Engine Oil

5L. 5W-30, API SN PLUS/ RC, ILSAC GF-5. Premium quality semi synthetic engine oil suitable for a range of petrol & light duty diesel vehicles. 565263...
20% off, Save $11.20
$44.79 each
These-Nulon-4L-Premix-Anti-Freeze-Anti-Boil-Coolants on sale

These Nulon 4L Premix Anti-Freeze/ Anti Boil Coola...

General Purpose. Protection for up to 4 years or 200,000km (523424) Type B, Protection for 3 years or 100,000km (523421) 20% off...
General Purpose, Save $3.80
$15.19 each
Type B, Save $3.00
$11.99 each
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These-Nulon-6L-Concentrate-Anti-FreezeAnti-Boil-Coolants on sale

These Nulon 6L Concentrate Anti- Freeze/Anti Boil ...

Exclusive to Supercheap Auto Green: Provides long service life up to 7 years or 500,000 km (384350) Red: Provides long service life up to 8 years or 500,000 km (384352) 20% off...
Green, Save $12.00
$47.99 each
Red, Save $15.00
$59.99 each
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Nulon-Full-Synthetic-European-Engine-Oil on sale

Nulon Full Synthetic European Engine Oil

10L. 5W-30, ACEA C3, VW 504.00 , VW 507.00. High quality full synthetic formula manufactured to comply with a wide range of modern European manufacturer standards. 591856...
20% off, Save $35.00
$139.99 each
Nulon-Full-Synthetic-Long-Life-Engine-Oil on sale

Nulon Full Synthetic Long Life Engine Oil

10L. 5W-30. API SN. ILSAC GF-5. Full synthetic formulation keeps oil clean & within specification over long oil drain intervals. 609637...
20% off, Save $24.60
$98.39 each
SCA-Change-Your-Own-Oil-Filter on sale

SCA Change Your Own Oil & Filter

Purchase a SCA High Performance Diesel 15W-40 10L Engine Oil, SCA Engine Flush 300mL, SCA 13L Drain Pan, SCA Big Mouth Funnel & a SCA Oil Filter that is compatible with your vehicle....
Low Price Always
For just $90.00
NEW-Safari-4WD-Snorkels on sale

NEW Safari 4WD Snorkels

Manufactured in Australia from Safari’s own industrial spec UV stabilised polyethylene. The air ram removes maximum water from the incoming air stream, while delivering maximum flow. Image for illustration only, available to order, use Rego Search to find the Snorkel to fit your 4WD Special order...
From $329.99 each
These-SCA-1L-Engine-Oils on sale

These SCA 1L Engine Oils

Low Price Always
From $12.99 each
SCA-Engine-Oil-Top-Up-Pack on sale

SCA Engine Oil Top Up Pack

This compact storage system can carry a 1L engine oil (sold separately) & contains essentials to carry out an engine top up. 602458...
Low Price Always
$9.99 kit